Ever hear Green Day’s “Basket Case”? It popped in my head when I started this blog.

“Do you have the time to listen to me whine
About nothing and everything all at once
I am one of those
Melodramatic fools
Neurotic to the bone
No doubt about it.”

I don’t want to be the kind of blogger who whines about nothing and everything all at once. My mom is a big fan of “finding the silver lining” and “things aren’t as bad as they seem,” so pair that with my natural inclination to look at issues objectively, I can’t wallow for too long. Yes, I wallow, and I freak, and I get all neurotic and obsessive when the situation calls for it. I’m also the typical jaded New Yorker who doesn’t really believe in happily ever after, more like enjoy-the-moment-when-you-can.

Oddly enough the combination of cynicism and open-mindedness carries me through the rough times. I’m aware enough to know that most other people have it worse than I do, or if not, they have problems that feel as bad as mine do. Plus, things that happen aren’t always all good or all bad, sometimes they’re just things you have to deal with before the next phase of your life can begin.

This has been one huge transition period, beginning with the car. It’s an almost-daily progression. Today I went into the city to meet with the surgeon for my knee operations. She said I need an MRI (scheduled after for May 10th) to determine which surgery I need. There’s the six-week-recovery ligament reconstruction, or the ligament reconstruction in addition to repositioning the bone around my knee cap. The second option requires six weeks of keeping all pressure off my knee and three months of caution, so I’m rooting for option one. Like, seriously rooting. Break out the pom-poms and pretend I can do a cartwheel kind of rooting.

The upside here is that I got more answers. I have a timeline of what’s going to happen now, pending surgical clearance. (That makes me nervous because you really never know what my genetic disorder – Velocardiofacial Syndrome – will come up with next.) If I only have to get the ligament surgery, I’ll be able to look for a job much sooner than expected.

That’ll be another round of frustration. Let’s not go there yet.


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