Let’s Focus on Mom’s Day

Maybe I should have written a post about my actual last day of work on Friday. It was sad, I said goodbye or “see you Thursday” (some of us are having lunch for a coworker’s birthday), but I’m not in the mood to talk about it anymore. Instead, I want to write a post about Mother’s Day. I’ve been writing about everything else in my life, so my mom deserves her own post on her day.

For anyone to understand the rest of this post, I have to start from the beginning. My dad died of a sudden heart attack when I was eight. We lived in Staten Island near his family back then, so when I graduated from my elementary school after fifth grade, my mom and I moved to Queens to be near her family. Right now I live in our current house with my mom, my stepfather and my fifteen-year-old “half” sister.

My mom and I lived another life before the unit was complete. We’ll talk about people we knew in Staten Island or places we went, and it truly feels like a lifetime ago. The main constant in both my halves, past and present, is her. She’s been there through all my medical stuff, from the heart surgery I needed when I was born to the knee surgeries I’m getting now. I don’t like going to a doctor’s appointment without her. I’m okay if it’s the dermatologist or something, but otherwise I need her there. She’s the only person who knows my extensive medical history better than I do.

Another thing I appreciate about my mom is, while she’s always there for me, she’s not pushy either. She understands that I like to figure my life out on my own. For the record it would probably be different if I spent my money frivolously, or didn’t work towards a goal, but I’m also that way because of her. Even though she’d like to have a grandchild already, she gets that I’m not the conventional, husband-and-kids type daughter. (Fortunately my sister will be able to do that for her in ten years or so.) I’m the “creative” one who almost never knows what the hell she’s doing, but Mom says she’s proud of me even when I’m not feeling very proud of myself.

That’s why I wanted to write a post about my mom on Mother’s Day.



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