Where Do I Start? (A Would-Be Freelancer’s Freak-Out)

Freelancing seems like a good option for me this summer. If everything goes according to plan I’ll be in a cast for months, so why not make some money from home? Between my journalism degree and creative writing experience, I can apply to a variety of gigs. Maybe I’ll even be a copy editor.

Then I actually looked for these writing and editing gigs. I’m finding plenty of websites for freelancers, but when I Google the names, articles tell me to avoid them. “Value your work even if you’re a newbie!” they say. “Don’t write for peanuts!”

Okay fine, thanks for the warning. Here’s the problem though – where do I apply if every company has a red flag attached to it? How do I trust instincts I don’t have yet?

I’m so confused. Help!



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