Forever Grateful to Pandora

Thanks to them, I could listen to Doobie Brothers and Kansas while the MRI buzzed in the background. Sometimes the consistent buzzing even went along with the classic rock channel coming through my headphones. Only downside is I wanted to rock out when I had to stay still.

(For the record it was the first channel I thought of when the radiologist asked. Probably for the best since most other categories are hit or miss with me.)

Anyway, my doctor’s appointment afterward went well. I’m thrilled that BOTH knees need the LESS-intense surgery, where they only reconstruct the ligament instead of moving bone around the knee cap. Yay! I scheduled the first surgery for Friday, June 3rd. While I’m happy the recovery time will be less, I’m now nervous about the procedure (though as my family pointed out I’ve been through much worse). I’ve already scheduled an appointment with my primary care doctor for clearance, then I have to get a referral for a cardiologist since I haven’t been to one in years. I’m a little nervous about that part too. I will be pleasantly surprised if everything checks out and I actually get surgery on June 3rd.

Of course my relatives’ automatic reaction to the news is to ask whether I can go to the Atlantis resort with them in late July. Would I like to go and have a great time with my family? Absolutely! Is it realistic? Probably not. The doctor wants to do surgery on my stronger knee first so that she can get an idea of what to expect for the weaker one, which makes sense. The problem there is that I’ll have to rely on my weaker knee. If I go on vacation it will be tough to maneuver around. Immediately, shiny hotel floors with no traction and wet concrete around the pool come to mind. My family joked about getting a scooter for both me and my 70-year-old aunt, but I’m wondering if that will be enough. Will I be able to enjoy myself if I can’t do most of what I’d want to do? Would the money be worth it?

I have no idea. Truth be told, stuff like that is low on my list of concerns right now. I think I’ll work on my story for the rest of the day to take my mind off everything.



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