Maybe It’s Time I Actually, You Know, TRY to Get Published

I’ve said in more than one post how I feel more confident now, how I believe in myself and my writing skills more than I ever did. I’m even serious about freelancing and getting paid to write for the first time ever. Now I’m realizing this is the perfect stage in my life to focus on my life’s goal – being a published author. Like, literary magazines and query letters-type publication. The thought is terrifying but when else will I have the chance to do this?

At the very least I’m more comfortable taking steps in this direction. Freelancing is mostly an unknown, meanwhile I’ve looked into the process of publishing for years. My current project is a novella/part one in a novella anthology, so I could submit that to contests and publishers, maybe even agents. I could also write short stories in between and submit them to magazines. I also like the format of so I will post my novella anthology there too, or at least the first part.

Okay, this is good. I’m feeling good about this.


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