Nothing much to report except I’ve been constantly adding to my novella for days now. I’m at that sweet spot where characters, backstory and plot have finally clicked together. It feels like this took a long time since my novella was a drama script first, but the script did help me figure out the plot. I’m thinking I might write a script version before all my novella and novel projects.

I might be writing so much because my surgery date is coming up fast. I know, I can always write after (especially since I won’t be able to do much else), but for some reason it’s like a giant deadline in my mind. I’m midway through my novella so part of me is curious to see if I can get it done.

Soon after I’m probably going to post it on Before that I’ll have to make a cover, but I have some Pixabay images bookmarked so it should come out okay. Most of the time I stick to writing but once in a while I like to play around with graphic design.



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