A Forked Road with a Million Branches

At this point in my life, there are many career paths open to me.

It’s overwhelming.

People in my life tell me – “you’ve been writing for years, so get published.”

I won’t reply, but I’ll think of a million reasons why it’s not as easy as they think. Publish what? For what audience? Do I need an agent? Would anyone besides them buy what I did publish? How do I turn stories I write on my laptop into a career? I could also be an editor, should I do that too? How about this blog? What should I do with it? And the elusive “freelancing” career? How the hell do you find a website that won’t rip you off? While venting my frustrations over the weekend, I actually debated starting my own publishing company. Should I create my own path?

So, you see my dilemma. All these options are making me dizzy. Usually I end up doing some research, getting discouraged, then going back the work-in-progress that will never be published. The useful links I come across while doing my research (that journalism degree comes in handy sometimes) sit on my bookmarks tab until I eventually delete them. I’ve had a bad case of information overload since…well, high school.

One thing I can do is share what I find. If I discover links that will help aspiring freelancers, short story writers, screenwriters, whichever, I’ll make posts and sort them into categories. Here’s all the links featured in this post:





Freelance Writing Jobs


Goodinaroom.com: “How to Become a Screenwriter” 


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