Getting Things Done

I am at the mercy of doctors’ offices and insurance companies. “You can’t get clearance earlier than two weeks,” they said. Okay. So I went to my primary doctor last Monday and went to the soonest cardiologist appointment available, which was Thursday. The holiday weekend probably screwed me up but here we are, two days before my surgery is supposed to happen, and my surgeon’s office still doesn’t have clearance from these offices. Not only that, but after contacting my insurance company, I found out the surgeon’s office hasn’t put in for the authorization yet. Oh, and by the way, the Continuous Passive Motion machine my surgeon ordered isn’t covered by my insurance at all.

No, I’m not panicking. Why do you ask?

It’s one thing to feel nervous about the surgery and want to postpone it, knowing I won’t really reschedule. It’s another to worry about actually postponing it because of medical industry crap. Bright side? I’m focusing more on getting clearance in order than the procedure itself.

On the other hand, my novella is on track to be finished…soon, if not by Friday. It will definitely be a novella because I’m at 15.7K words and the story is almost done. I think this is a good format for me. Writing-wise, my biggest problem has always been finishing the story. I can get inspiration from anywhere and churn out the first ten thousand words just fine, but after that I hit a wall. Very rarely do I go past that mark. You’d think after a while I would stick to short stories, but I always get ideas for novels. I didn’t finish the first draft of one until last year when I’ve been writing since middle school. It is easier for me to finish a fanfiction story, but even then, many multi-chapter ones have been abandoned. Maybe it’s because the fanfictions I do finish are really novella length.

With novellas I can write a piece longer than a short story, then move on before I lose interest. My plan right now is to write a series of novellas for this particular world I’ve created. Maybe I’ll try to get it published as an anthology, maybe I’ll make them into separate ebooks…who knows? Right now it’s just nice to reach the end of a story and still want to write about the characters.


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