I am fine. I really don’t have a right to complain, because the surgery couldn’t have gone better. The pain is minimal – like now, I’m fine with a few doses of Tylenol per day. I’ve got my Continuous Passive Motion machine to move my knee up and down. Family members and friends have been checking up on me regularly.

So why am I so freaking cranky? This is not good when my birthday’s in two days. The same people will be calling, texting, visiting, so I’ll smile and say how amazing it is that I feel so good when I had surgery less than week ago.

I think that’s the problem. Except for this big brace on my left leg and some fatigue, I don’t feel like I should be sitting in the house doing nothing all day. My mind is clear enough that cabin fever is making me irritable, especially because it’s summer and I could be doing fun summer things. Well, the whole point of these surgeries is so I can walk without the constant fear of my kneecaps popping out, so it’s not like I would be running along the beach or anything. Still though, I’d like to go places. Hell, I’d like to go to the bathroom without needing help getting there.

…yes, TMI. Deal. You’re not the one who needs to send out an alert every time you have to do Number One. (By the way, I also might be cranky because I haven’t done Number Two since Friday morning. What’s that about?) Another cause could be the sleep issue. I don’t have as much energy, but at the same time, it’s difficult to get comfortable when I want to sleep at night.

Speaking of, my mood also might be in part due to my monthly visitor. Yes, I’m going to talk about that too. The world needs to know that there are surprising upsides to having your period while getting surgery. Firstly, with the pain meds, you don’t feel the cramps when you wake up. It’s a beautiful thing. Even better, you don’t have trouble going to the bathroom (Number One at least) in the hospital. I highly recommend coordinating your schedule if it doesn’t affect the procedure.

So that is what’s on my mind post-surgery. Other than numerous bathroom dilemmas, there’s really nothing to report. Hopefully I’ll calm down the more I get used to my new condition. If not, it’s going to be a very long summer.


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