This Week’s Theme is “Perseverance”

I’ve had a rough week. It started with frustrated tears after my doctor’s appointment, continued with more frustrated tears due to my sudden inability to use crutches, then ended with overwhelming relief when I realized I could get around fine on a walker. Several days of my body rebelling against this new work-out schedule  put me through the emotional wringer. As someone who had no muscles at all pre-surgery, I faced the conclusion that using crutches for more than a few steps requires strength and coordination I don’t yet possess. Switching to the walker seemed like a failure at first, but now all I care about is being able to get around my house on my own.

Meanwhile, I finished my novella this week. I’m in that weird limbo where I’ve finished a project and don’t know what to do next, despite my earlier post about entering contests. Believe it or not I feel like editing my novella. In the past I would always write, but then never look at the project again because it would never be good enough for anyone else to read. I would move on to my next creation instead of editing a story I worked on for months. Now, I miss projects and want to go back. A writing career encompasses more than churning out a first draft, so maybe this is a sign that I’m finally ready for one.


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