Who Rocked Physical Therapy?

*points at self* I did! Woohoo!

After a month of weekly trips into the city and consistently disappointing my doctor, I FINALLY got the all-clear during my visit on Thursday. Before that it had been very aggravating because no matter how much I did, my muscle spasmed, my leg shook, and at times I didn’t have a leg to stand on. Switching to the walker and doing my exercises gave me the confidence to believe that everything’s really okay now and nothing will happen to my “new” knee.  There are times where I can almost walk without holding on to anything. My doctor was so impressed with my range of motion and stability that she even had me get fitted for a smaller brace that would allow me to bend my knee when walking. The best part? I don’t have to go back for SIX WEEKS! 

Unfortunately I can’t use the smaller brace just yet. My new goal is to do a straight leg raise without my brace, because that means I’m ready to switch. 

Worrying about my recovery was upsetting, so for the last week or so I’ve stayed in post-writing project limbo. Today I’m looking forward to editing and maybe starting my next story. I didn’t think I would be so relieved after my appointment but the validation made a huge difference. I’m still doing exercises regularly, but now I can relax knowing I’m on the right track.


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