I feel like I’ve been busy this week even though I barely left the house. Now that I’m more mobile, I can do things like cook for myself and do laundry. My knee is still kept straight in a brace but I can get around the house without even using my walker. So, while I can do more, it still takes me longer to do these things. Between this and spending a total of 4.5 hours on my Continuous Passive Motion machine, I haven’t had much time to write…or do much else, really.

As of this morning the CPM is officially gone! A tech from the rental company picked it up this morning, so I got 4.5 hours of my day back. While it really helped at first I don’t think it was doing much this last week. (Plus the doctor’s office said to stop.) I’m still doing exercises, but now I can actually, you know, take a couple hours to write.

I have a good outline for the next Define Reality novella. It’s not a full script, but I made a list of every single scene, and I’m even getting ideas for other novellas in the series. If/when I reach the end of this project, I might actually consider querying agents.


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