I’ve Discovered a New Obsession

For the record, this is not an advertisement for Scribophile.com. I’m just having so much fun with it that I had to share.

So, a few days ago I was driving myself crazy (as usual) trying to decide what to do with my writing next. I’m still going to enter contests. After some web surfing, I actually found two novella contests with upcoming deadlines. The entry fee will probably be wasted money, but considering I can’t think of other options, this seems like the most accessible way to gain recognition for my work.

Then I thought about online writing classes. I still don’t want to take one. A Facebook group had a list of recommendations, but I don’t want to deal with one professor who might not be a good fit for me or my work. I’m no longer in a mindset where I can take one person’s opinion as gospel. If anything I would consider a knowledgeable critique group that can offer different but equally respectable opinions.

This was my train of thought when I randomly came across the link to Scribophile. I’ve tried other critique websites before. Writing.com was fun once upon a time, but after taking a break from it for a few years, I couldn’t get the hang of it again. No one bothered with my posts and I couldn’t find anything interesting to read. I did have my full novella on Wattpad just recently, but I decided to take it down because a) I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it posted when I entered contests, and b) I barely got any views. Same as Writing.com, I never got too involved with the community, so my work sat there unread.

Scribophile feels like a brand new world for me. First of all, I like that members have to be 18 or older. There’s a distinct difference in the quality level of critiques and even forum posts. Second, the reward system is much stricter. You actually can’t post work until you’ve earned enough “karma points” by reviewing other people. So unlike other websites, I can’t “put off” finding a story to read after posting my own. The site practically forces you to get involved by reviewing and posting in the forums. I can’t say I mind this because I’ve already found some nice people and interesting stories.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to the last week. If anyone wants to look me up on Scribophile, here’s my profile. (Yes I used my real name. I thought it was like Facebook that way and didn’t realize many people made up fake ones.)



2 thoughts on “I’ve Discovered a New Obsession

    • Thank you for commenting! How long have you been on Scribophile? I love that writers are encouraged to give long, thoughtful critiques. This is the kind of unbiased feedback I’ve always wanted but could never find.

      My current project is a paranormal novella anthology, but I’m also working on a totally-unrelated short story. I’m not sure how to describe the short story – literary, maybe? It’s going on Scrib as soon as the first draft is done.


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