I created this blog because I needed a journal. 2016 started out crazy and continues to test my sanity, so I wanted some place to straighten out my anxious thoughts. I’m not even talking about politics or other current events. Around January I bought a car, then a few months later the company I worked for unexpectedly went under. (Seriously.) A month later I went in for the first of two knee surgeries. I did the left in June and I will probably get the next one done in December or January. Since I can’t get a new job yet, I have a lot of free time to blog or bake or maybe even work on my fiction projects.

I’m 28, and like the stereotypical millennial, still living at home with my family in New York. To be fair I had a full-time job up until May. I’d planned to look for an even better one after I got the car and took care of my knee situation. Back then I thought/hoped/prayed only one knee would have to get surgery. It’s a genetic issue so my knees have been a problem since forever. I’d already gotten surgery on the left knee ten years ago, so I thought I’d only need to do the right one. Not so much.

The bottom line is, 2016 sucked from the very beginning. I’m focusing on the present. This blog helps me keep track of one messed-up year. I’ll keep the blog going (probably – nothing is certain) 2017 and beyond, but the “2016 edition” part stays.

In case anyone’s wondering…yes, I still have the car. It’s waiting for me in front of my aunt’s house. Long story.

This blog consists of whatever I feel like posting. I’ll post about creative writing, or ramble about something totally random. I’m a writer first, usually, but sometimes I explore other interests. Lately I’ve been baking because it forces me to move around the kitchen.


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