Recovery is Fun and All…

…but I’m ready to make some money now. While it’s great that I’ve been saving for years, I still cringe at every new medical expense. Not to mention, once this is over, I get to do it again with the next knee. (…if the surgeon agrees to do a second surgery with this complication I’ve been having. I don’t want to talk about it.) A few weeks ago I looked into freelancing and I got nowhere because I couldn’t make a single decision. Do I go with this website, that website, maybe write a post with a bigger blog in mind? Never had a clue. There were so many potential pitfalls that I let it go until after surgery.

Well, surgery was about three weeks ago. I’m sick of spending money that I won’t be able to replace in the near future. Personally I love working on my creative writing projects, like the novella I just finished, but that’s not going to help any time soon either. I want to write and see results now, preferably in my bank account.

I know. Don’t we all?

When tweeting today I came across this beautiful list of writing contests. They even list the contests according to the nearest due date! There’s no guarantee, but it’s something. I plan to fire up the ‘ole imagination and churn out as many short stories as possible, maybe even fix up the only novel I’ve managed to finish. At least it’s something to focus on besides physical therapy.


A Forked Road with a Million Branches

At this point in my life, there are many career paths open to me.

It’s overwhelming.

People in my life tell me – “you’ve been writing for years, so get published.”

I won’t reply, but I’ll think of a million reasons why it’s not as easy as they think. Publish what? For what audience? Do I need an agent? Would anyone besides them buy what I did publish? How do I turn stories I write on my laptop into a career? I could also be an editor, should I do that too? How about this blog? What should I do with it? And the elusive “freelancing” career? How the hell do you find a website that won’t rip you off? While venting my frustrations over the weekend, I actually debated starting my own publishing company. Should I create my own path?

So, you see my dilemma. All these options are making me dizzy. Usually I end up doing some research, getting discouraged, then going back the work-in-progress that will never be published. The useful links I come across while doing my research (that journalism degree comes in handy sometimes) sit on my bookmarks tab until I eventually delete them. I’ve had a bad case of information overload since…well, high school.

One thing I can do is share what I find. If I discover links that will help aspiring freelancers, short story writers, screenwriters, whichever, I’ll make posts and sort them into categories. Here’s all the links featured in this post:

Freelance Writing Jobs “How to Become a Screenwriter”