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My writerly self has been all over the place for a long while. I don’t know if I want to work on fan fiction, original work, even personal essays. Plus The Holidays are distracting so when I’m not with family I’m watching Christmas movies on Netflix or Youtube. Maybe it’s time I read an actual book again rather than online articles about how much the Gilmore Girls revival sucked.

Anyway, while rambling on tumblr about how much I can’t stand Rory Gilmore, I remembered a website I bookmarked a while back. is basically a social network for the types of posts I like to write, aka, long-winded editorials that make the author sound smart when we’re really just ranting about the world. Any posts related to media and pop culture – mostly TV shows – will be posted here. I might move my baking posts there depending on how it goes.

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays everyone!


“Relax, It’s Just a TV Show”

I’m not the kind of person who can watch a TV show without thinking about it. My mind zeroes in on dialogue, continuity, story line originality. Sometimes I voice these thoughts out loud in an effort to start a conversation about the show. You know what I get more often than not?

“Relax, it’s just a TV show. Don’t be so critical.”

I guess that’s why so many analytical fans flock to blogs and online message boards. Most of our friends and family members don’t want to hear it.

What they don’t understand is, I’m not beingĀ negative for the sake of bashing the show. I’m hoping to connect with other fans on an intellectual level. To me, TV watching is like snacking – we take it in because we want to enjoy it, then digest it into little pieces. Digesting makes us feel even better. If it upsets our stomach afterward, we know to snack on something else next time.

The same happens when I read. Doesn’t matter if it’s a romance novel no one takes seriously. I still notice if a particular author reuses character types or story lines. My point is, I enjoy analyzing almost as much as watching the show or reading the book. I don’t understand how people can switch their brains off and sit there for an hour. Television is a medium trying to send us a message, so what’s wrong with deciphering it? Analyzing the media we consume is a bonus distraction from “real life” problems.

I swear I’m not being negative. I just like to digest.